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The Medical Project Specialists

When patients need expert attention, they seek out a specialist. It’s the same with medical facility development.

Few projects require the exacting precision that developing a medical facility entails. From building state-of-the-art surgical suites, to installing advanced diagnostic equipment, to minimizing disruptions for staff and patients, each step of the process is better handled by a pro — The Graham Group.

Since 1976, The Graham Group has developed and leased more than four million square feet of quality medical office space to physician and hospital clients across the nation. As a top ten developer of medical office buildings and ambulatory care facilities, we offer knowledgeable, professional services for the development of your medical project — and provide professional on-site property management services once the building is operational.

One Company — Comprehensive Services

The Graham Group’s in-house staff provides comprehensive development services for your hospital or medical office project. We integrate our services with those of your approved architects and qualified local contractors, and we can also draw on the services of our own in-house construction group, Graham Construction, for many projects.

In addition to development, Graham owns and manages 24 medical office buildings in
11 states, giving you on-site expertise to operate your medical facility efficiently over the long term.


  • Property development
  • Feasibility analyses
  • Marketing and leasing
  • Project financing
  • Construction management
  • General contracting
  • Long-term building ownership
  • Building management